Success Begins With So Unisoft Engineering

Experience Matters

So Unisoft Engineering has firmly established itself in the world of IT solutions through a history of successful projects, working alongside our international partners to solve the challenges of modern technology facing businesses everywhere.

While we specialize in IT, our digital reach extends much further.  So Unisoft Engineering is also a leading mobile app development company.  Over the years we’ve helped clients adapt to new technologies, built personalized software that works across all major platforms, marketed their brand to global audiences, and accelerated their growth and earnings potential by streamlining operations.

So Unisoft Engineering is also committed to improving itself.  We’re never satisfied with being great at what we do—we’re driven to be the best.  That’s why we constantly innovate and improve our products and services.  Whether it’s E-commerce, web design, app development or database admonostration, So Unisoft Engineering team of designers and engineers tirelessly pursue perfection.

Teamwork and Technology Ensures Success In Every Endeavor !

Customer Satisfaction

So Unisoft Engineering main objective is to give clients value for their money with user friendly environment.


So Unisoft Engineering work together in perfect cohesion to get things done perfectly and on good time.


So Unisoft Engineering engineers are experts in their field, creating products that benefit your business.

Our Mission

“You imagine and we bring IT to life”. With this mission, we at So Unisoft Engineering always want to deliver innovation and uniqueness in our projects. We ensure that our work is away from stereotyping and is very close to our clients’ imagination and expectation.
Having delivered more than 950 projects, we as a group, are experienced enough to provide the best possible solutions to our clients and this, separates us from any other IT company.
We know that different clients have different business requirements. Hence, our customized approach towards all the projects makes us do better every day. Our team is available 24*7 which ensures prompt responses to our clients’ queries and suggestions at the beginning and during the projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer “Quality with Affordability” to our clients and we prefer long term business relationships. New clients are always our priority but the already existing ones are no different. Having a huge team of IT professionals, all with a unique genre individually, So Unisoft Engineering is determined to provide an up to the mark quality of every project and also to ensure timely completion and delivery of the projects. Clients value time and we value our clients!

Companies often boast about their state-of-the-art facilities and latest software acquisitions, but at So Unisoft Engineering we live by a simple truth: technology in the wrong hands won’t get you results.  However, we employ some of the finest minds in our field, developers and designers who have gone through extensive training, acquired certifications, graduated from prestigious institutes and academies, and have a life-long passion for computing.

Why Clients Love Our Company

We Keep You Updated

We keep clients informed every step of the way. No surprises. Simply peace of mind

We deliver on time

We work hard to make sure all services are rendered on time but without compromising quality.

We Deliver Results

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy the client, which is why we are committed to deliver tangible results.

We Value Our Clients