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We build projects that generate revenue using the latest in web and mobile technologies. Our approach is different than most, because we take the time to learn your business inside-and-out before we make a single technology choice. The end product you’re looking for may be an iPhone app, a revamped company website, or a new web application, but we know any technology is just a means for making your business more intelligent, more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

Fascinating Facts

We built this company from the customer back, not from the company out.



Custom software development for web and mobile

So Unisoft Engineering provides full-cycle development from initial concept to a live application. We have all IT specialists for hire – software engineers, designers, mobile developers, QA engineers and Database administrator.

Our customers get exactly what they want by communicating with engineers directly and controlling the project as if they were in the same room with the team.

If you are looking for a software company to outsource development of your web project or mobile app, contact us!

Customer-First Approach

Helping you succeed is what we do best. Through our uncompromising commitment to quality products and services, we provide customers the vital support they need to grow and prosper in the global marketplace.


Our business is built on trust, and to win yours we employ only the most qualified individuals from the IT sector. Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We pride ourselves on having all three.

Client Engagement

Rather than assume we know best, So Unisoft Engineering prefers to bring clients into the process. Based on your feedback, we change and adapt our products to meet your needs, so you’re never disappointed.

Adding Value

Whether it’s a website, mobile app or marketing strategy, So Unisoft Engineering always aims to add value to your company through the services we provide.

Development Methodology

Successful apps are more than just clean UI/ UX or code development. Our continuous app deployment cycle includes user acquisition, improving on your app ideas and scaling them, effectively acting as your business-cum-technology partners


Before we start the physical process of delivering a product or service, So Unisoft Engineering creates the intellectual framework. Here, our project managers work closely with our development and design teams, drafting documentation, gathering data and analyzing it, before drawing up a final strategy that we use to guide our project. Let’s look at three important planning steps:

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Information Architecture

  • Technology and Resources


After the planning step is complete, We work out the visual concept, style, colors, and additional visual elements – all according to your requirements. You are provided with several variants of visual representation of one or several screens. The approved one is the basis for the remaining screens. We create mockups and the team is ready to implement your product

  • Wireframes

  • Mockups

  • Review & Craft


Here, the project is divided into discreet segments as the software code is tested and revised accordingly. With each new iteration, features can be added based on your feedback and tested until they’re fully functional. Throughout this process, we make sure to continually update our clients on the project status and inform them of all the milestones we’ve passed.Below we have broken out several key concepts.

  • Template Building

  • Admin Panel Setup

  • Front-end Development


After a final consultation and strategy meeting with our clients, we’re ready to distribute your software. By this point, So Unisoft Engineering has done its research and thoroughly understands your target consumer, and we work hard to ensure that your product gets to its intended users and achieves maximum market penetration.

  • Crafting

  • Push to the Production Environment

  • Cross-browser & Responsive Checks

"I can sincerely recommend So Unisoft Engineering as a tight-knit team of result-driven, highly skilled and passionate designers. The workflow is full of creativity and the outcome is fantastic. They are attentive to clients plans and ideas about the project as well as high efficiency of the final product for target users. Good job, guys, keep rocking!"

Edgar Gibbs

"The loose storyboard and tight timeline we presented you with were undoubtedly a challenge but everyone is very happy with how well your team delivered on it!"

Samantha Gray

"We've worked with So Unisoft Engineering on a number of projects and the end result is always great. When we are looking for something that surprises and delights users, we go to So Unisoft Engineering and they never disappoint."

Jonathon Austin